Britany Somers


South Florida radio listeners are familiar with the comedy production
personality formerly known as Boca Brian from The Neil Rogers Show.
The phenomenal radio powerhouse that maintained double digit ratings
in the South Florida market (ZETA-4 FM, WIOD, and WQAM) for over
twenty years.

“Boca” was nationally syndicated by ABC Radio in the 1990's and provided the
innovative comedy and multifaceted production, including voicing,
singing, and creating music for a wide range of observational material. 
Few were aware that the “Voices” behind the comedy bit microphone
were that of Boca Britany. An accomplished transgender individual
with an extensive broadcasting background and outgoing personality,
Boca has been living a full time transgender life for well over twenty years. Her experience offers a unique perspective on transgender life
with a sense of humor and fun. 

The only “genuine” transgender radio show host on the air, Boca Britany serves as Legislative Liaison for the Democratic Women's Club of
Broward County,  board member of Oakland Park WIlton Manors Democratic Club and served as Transgender Liaison for the Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine Cultural Correctness and Standardized Patient Program; Communications Director for the Broward County
Department of Health STD Prevention Program Office; and a committee member for Practicing Physician Symposium of 2010. 

Boca Britany's mission is to undo the damage of media typecasting which has contributed to the fear and misunderstanding of the mainstream public toward transgender individuals. She believes acceptance can be achieved by shedding light on responsible transgender individuals who are leading fulfilling and successful lives.

The show provides a refreshing and unique look at the personalities in business, media and entertainment today. Brit will go behind the press releases and news articles with interviews, to give listeners an introspective view of the people who make news happen.